Working with world-class artisans and structural engineers, Value Works attends to and oversees the construction of custom decorative lighting, statuary fabrication and other architectural décor. Starting with shop drawings and designs guided by your own vision, the fabrication phase turns great ideas into exceptional finished products. Once this phase is complete, all of your decorative elements, from the finest lighting details to awe-inspiring statues, will be ready to install.


Choosing the right materials for your interior design is important. Our statues are made from fine, durable materials including bronze, marble and resin. Our custom decorative lighting is made from the highest-quality products from top lighting suppliers, ensuring an elegant look and optimal performance. We will give you a selection and samples of materials and components so you can choose the best fit for your space.


We choose décor and lighting that looks beautiful and also performs well. We fully assemble all lighting designs ourselves before installation to ensure there are no problems or defects. We also carefully inspect all statuary arrangements to confirm their impeccable condition. The video below shows our assembly team in action and provides an assembly guide for on-site installation.

For more information on statuary fabrication or custom decorative lighting assembly and testing, contact Value Works Inc. today. Just tell us what you’re looking for and we will provide you with a competitive quote for design, fabrication, testing and installation.