Value Works partners with experienced, licensed tradesmen to conduct decorative lighting installation, Objet d’art installation, plumbing installations and more for luxury hotel and casino décor. We choose our partners carefully to ensure all items are installed correctly and every feature works properly, including all lighting components, statues, and fountains. Proper installation will ensure that your décor looks impeccable, functions properly and creates a luxurious, elegant environment.


All Value Works installers are experienced and licensed in their specific trade, including electricians, plumbers, masons and other experts. Our partners will properly install all decorative and functional elements while preserving the integrity of the space.


Fine art installation requires a different skill set than electrical work or plumbing. We work with installers who are trained to handle fragile objects and move delicate artwork carefully, from statues made of stone and resin to Objet d’art pieces made of glass. Regardless of the size or construction of the piece, it will be carefully installed in the proper location.


Installing large art pieces, complicated lighting arrangements, fountains and other items requires skilled experts and specialized equipment. Value Works provides the necessary equipment to handle large installation projects of all types.


To maintain the elegant atmosphere and the appearance of your luxury décor, the statues and lighting elements must be properly cared for. This includes proper cleaning, polishing or, in the case of some light fixtures, replacing items that become broken or damaged. Upon request, Value Works can provide qualified, specialized labor to clean and maintain any projects we have installed.

To learn more about decorative lighting installation, Objet d’art installation, or installation and maintenance of other luxury décor items, contact us today.